From lighting to telephone line splicing
Genetec, a complete solution

Genetec S.A. (General Technology) is a competitive Walloon family firm that works in the fields of public, decorative, and sports lighting; traffic signals, telephone wire splicing & remote transmission, and distribution grids & networks.

Other activities: inland waterway signalling, air conditioning, telecommunications tower maintenance, working at heights, etc.

The company also proposes containerized food driers and micro-drying plants for export.

Outdoor lighting

Design, supply, placement, and activation of public, decorative, and sports lighting Read more

Traffic signals

Design, supply, placement, and implementation of remote-controlled signalling equipment and traffic lights Read more

Telephone line splicing

Telephone and ADSL line connections Read more

Industrial electricity

Installation of overhead and underground low voltage lines, connecting private customers Read more

Other activities

Inland waterway signalling, air conditioning, working at heights, etc. Read more


Containerized micro-plants: food driers, ice factories, etc. Read more